Betsy DeVos and Her Life of Giving to the Society

She is among the influential women in America, transforming the lives of people. Betsy DeVos is an activist, businesswoman, politician and above all, she is a philanthropist. Impacting the lives of people has been a passion that has been in Betsy’s family line. In 1989, the family began a philanthropic foundation. Since the family is based o Christianity, much of their charity is towards their faith and conservative political ideologies. Apart from philanthropy, Betsy is interested in education. After President Donald Trump became president, he appointed Betsy as Secretary of education sector. A large amount of charity fund has been donated towards education causes. The aim of donating in the education field is to enhance education.


DeVos feels that education in America needs significant improvement. Some of the issues affecting schools are lack of adequate finances. For this reason contributions for the foundation are meant to reduce this gap. Both public and private schools should receive funds. Reforms are also essential in areas receiving low quality education. Apart from education, the foundation has also contributed to hospital, politicians, evangelical ministries, art organization and healthcare research among others. Michigan is where Betsy as born and grew up. All her educational years were done in the same state. She pursued a bachelor degree in Arts. All through her years, Betsy was committed to Christianity. It has contributed significantly to her compassionate personality of giving back to the community.


Betsy DeVos is a role model and good example to rising women in businesses and other careers. More women need to become investors and own more ventures. Betsy has become successful because of investing in promising opportunities. For example, Betsy and her husband have invested in Neurocare. It is a business offering treatment for mental and development problems. Such a venture will thrive, especially since it is technology-based. Betsy DeVos and her family have received recognition in the society. They set an example of giving back to the society and impacting lives positively. To them, life is not just acquiring wealth and enjoying it alone. Sharing with the society has become an essential culture in their family lineage.


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