Oren Frank Has Taken TalkSpace To New Heights

In 2012, Oren Frank and his wife Roni, founded a new start up company called TalkSpace. This is an app that can be used by anyone, anywhere in order to connect with a licensed therapist that they may need. Oren believed that mental health help should be available to any person that may need it at a reasonable cost. The app enables people to reach out at anytime in order to speak or text with a therapist. The monthly cost for this service is very low and since mental healthcare is often not covered by insurance, this service is more obtainable by most people.

Oren Frank began his career in the advertising business and worked as an executive at many firms. His wife Roni was in the software business and left it after TalkSpace become successful in order to study psychology. She is now a licensed therapist on TalkSpace. Oren and his wife attended private marriage therapy for several years and the costs for each of the sessions was quite high. The time they needed to put into going to the therapy sessions also conflicted with their work schedules. They knew there should be a better way for them, as well as many other people, to get the therapy they needed without the high cost or time restraints.

TalkSpace is available worldwide and many clients are now using this service exclusively. Knowing that they have a quality therapist available to them at the touch of a button is very comforting. TalkSpace has therapists who specialize in many different areas including marriage therapy, addiction therapy and many more. Oren Frank continually works to increase the availability of his service and updates his software on a regular basis so that therapists as well as clients always have the most up to date information.

Visit: https://www.talkspace.com/online-therapy/reshaping-behavioral-health-2017/oren-frank-intro-presentation/ to know more.

Niranjan Shah: The Founder And CEO Of Globetrotters Engineering Corp

Niranjan Shah stands as an icon when it comes to the corporate world and is someone who has built an incredibly successful company from the ground up. He stands as the founder and CEO of Globetrotters Engineering Corp, a company that has delivered some of the biggest engineering projects in the city of Chicago. The company that he founded has been a part of numerous projects pertaining to architecture and engineering and has partaken in numerous ventures for notable clients within the city. 

While Niranjan Shah now stands as a notable name within this industry, he had a tough upbringing and had to brave harsh circumstances. He was born in a small village in India which had no access to electricity or water. He had to work in harsh conditions to be able to study and go to college. He knew that he wanted to be an engineer which is why he enrolled in an engineering course at Birla College in India. He worked hard at this course and was then accepted into the University of Mississippi to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. After completing his degree, he decided to move to the city of Chicago, which is where he still resides.

After moving to Chicago, Niranjan Shah worked for a number of corporates before moving on to start up his own company. However, starting up an engineering corporation was not going to be easy. In the beginning, he was the only employee at the company, tending to all of the clients that came to them. Over the years, the company started to grow and started to gain recognition within the industry. This is what led to Niranjan Shah hiring more people to help run the company more efficiently. Over time, Globetrotters Engineering Corp grew to become an incredibly well-known name and how has hundreds of employees working among its ranks.

The work done by Globetrotters Engineering Corp has not only helped the clients who come to them, but as well as the people living in the city of Chicago. Over the years, Globetrotters Engineering Corp has been a part of numerous projects within the city such as the Deep Tunnel Project. The company has also won several awards for the work that they have done on these projects and the impact they have had on the city. One of the awards given to Niranjan Shah and his company was the Oustanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award.

In addition to leading his own company, Niranjan Shah is also actively engaged with the political scene in the United States. He is a big supporter of the Democratic Party and has helped them in numerous ways through the big donations that he has made to them. He has helped the party move in a positive direction and has formed a good relationship with some of the most notable people within the political party. Niranjan Shah was also given the privilege to have breakfast at the White House with the President as a result of the contributions he made to the Democratic Party.

Read more about Niranjan Shah here https://www.slideshare.net/niranjanshah/globetrotters-a-chicago-company

A Woman that Rules the World

Barbara Stokes is the CEO and founder of the Alabama based company Green structure homes. Read this article at alivenewspaper.com

This company vows to always provide affordable and sustainable housing options for potential customers in the contracting industry. She began this business in a humanitarian effort to provide safe, yet environmentally friendly homes and building practices to her city of Hunstville, Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

GSH and Barbara Stokes have worked closely with FEMA and the EPA in creating a more eco-friendly building practice and homes to the greater public. Barbara Stokes is a leader and very devoted to her work but is also a mother and family woman that values and admires a good work life balance. So just keep on running the world Barbara, we are all cheering for you and your successful business ventures and practices.

Check: https://gazetteday.com/2018/03/green-structure-homes-brings-relief-families-struggling-disaster/

Sheldon Lavin – OSI Group CEO

Mr. Sheldon Lavin serves as the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC. He began his career with Otto & Sons, Inc. which was the predecessor of OSI Industries. The OSI Group, LLC is a global family of food processing enterprises. This includes the U.S. business arms of OSI Industries, LLC., and OSI International Foods, LLC.

Learn about Sheldon Lavin at patch.com

Internationally, the OSI International Foods is the holding company for India’s Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd., and other regionally instituted names carried by other countries. If you have dined at Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, or Pizza Hut, then you have eaten the wholesome products produced by OSI.

Mr. Lavin grew up and was educated within the Illinois area. He has also managed his own financial consulting firm in Chicago. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI not only produces food in the U.S. but also in 17 other countries within more than 60 highly awarded processing facilities.

As the aegis of The OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin helped the company become lauded with several awards of environmental sustainability. For instance, the Global Visionary Award was presented to OSI by India’s Vision World Academy for the company’s visionary perseverance and persistence in helping to enrich the quality of life around the world.

In a recent interview, Mr. Lavin was asked what the business culture is at OSI. He responded as he always does wherever he lectures. He stated that OSI is a family that contains loyal and talented members who have helped The OSI Group achieve its global status.

Mr. Lavin has asked to be called Sheldon or Shelly in the office and he says that all the employees’ matter, including their family members. Sheldon Lavin’s dedication to the people around him also spills over into his community endeavors. He is a long-time supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, as well as many others.

When asked about how he envisions the future for OSI, Sheldon Lavin said that he will continue to make the company a great food processing leader that will continue to grow with the great talent that he is fostering right now.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/17322384

Sheldon Lavin: A high profile CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a reputable chairman, as well as the chief executive officer of the OSI Group. He was born in 1932. He holds two undergraduate degrees, having graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a bachelor science degree in business and the University of Illinois and Northwestern University specializing in accounting and finance. Apart from serving as the president of the company, he has a fascinating high profile in the world of meat and processing industry.

Sheldon Lavin has had a hand in the development of knowledge from 1970 while providing monetary support to Otto & Sons, culminating in the OSI group. During his leadership, the company made an incremental growth from a local that deals with food processing to a global industry. He was honored by an award by the Indian World Academy in the category of a global visionary leader. This was in recognition of high profile accomplishments by making the company a global powerhouse one as well as the general growth in the job. This is attributed to his commitment to the general welfare of the workforce as well as the company. Read articles of Sheldon Lavin at Gazetteday.

Apart from the expansion of the OSI Group operations globally, the company has been receiving a myriad of awards on matters sustainability and environmental during his reign. His vision has been pegged on inspiring future leaders in dedicating themselves to the growth of the company geared towards contributing to the growth of international trade while at the same time securing opportunities for the employees.

Sheldon Lavin has always used his words to encourage the next crop of leaders while at the same time not slowing down in his visions. In the same vein, he has been actively involved in philanthropic activities, for instance, the Ronald McDonald House philanthropic activities. Sheldon Lavin boasts of raising his children alongside his wife while at the same time reaching his community as part of OSI Group’s objective.

Learn More: https://angel.co/sheldon-lavin

Nitin Khanna Lives The American Dream

What is the so-called “American Dream” in the 21st-century? This is a difficult question as the global economy and connected nature of the internet changes the way we look at nations. Nitin Khanna could be said to be living the “American Dream” in a classic sense after moving from India to attend Purdue University at the tender age of 17 and making himself a success in the U.S. The career of Nitin Khanna did not come to an end with the sale of his Saber Software company, but the entrepreneur decided to extend his career by providing help to other entrepreneurs through his MergerTech company.

Nitin Khanna has built a career by taking risks and opening himself up to the opportunities that come his way. Khanna had spent the last few years of the 21st-century working at Oracle and in the paper manufacturing industry before establishing a software company, Saber in 1999 and growing this into a major global business by its sale in 2008. Taking risks helped grow the company for Nitin Khanna from a startup in 1999 to revenues of $300 million by its sale in 2008. Nitin Khanna began his path to living the “American Dream” by applying for the contract to update the voting systems in the state of Oregon in 2002 following the chaos of the Presidential election of 2000. Over the course of the next few years, 21 states would look to Saber Software to update their voting systems.

Following the sale of Saber Software for four times its revenue streams in 2008, Nitin Khanna looked to other areas of development. Identifying the development of the cannabis sector as one of growth, Nitin Khanna became the CEO and major investor in Cura Cannabis as it grew to become the largest legal supplier of these products in the world under his leadership. Throughout his career, Nitin Khanna has been willing to aid his fellow investors leading to him investing in more than 30 Oregon-based startups to aid the development of the region.

For more information follow this link https://www.behance.net/Nitin-Khanna

Ara Chackerian On Investing and Growing Companies

Ara Chackerian is one person who has extensive investing experience. As one person who has worked with many different individuals to overcome a variety of challenges within the company building sector, Ara Chackerian has a wealth of knowledge in the business sector.

The investor, the philanthropist, and managing director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, is one individual that gravitated toward the emerging healthcare companies. These companies are typically in their early years and provide Ara and his partners with opportunities to get into these firms at the ground level. He knows the cost of healthcare is going through the roof and thinks that investing in innovative healthcare companies will help people to overcome these challenges.

Startups Are Not Easy

As someone who extensive experience in the industry, Ara Chackerian would likely advise his startup companies to set proper goals when moving forward with their companies. Further, he would state that one should have a purpose and an understanding of why they should continue to place their time and money into their entity.

When one has a larger goal, it can seem as if that is too hard to reach, but if they break it down into smaller aspects, they can overcome and keep progressing to meet their goals.

The idea is to chop up the goal into smaller chunks and meet these micro-goals and targets each day. It is one step per day, as it were, and it would allow one to move forward and still be happy and enthusiastic if they were to run into obstacles.

Ara has faced many challenges in his journey and still moves forward because he knows that everything takes time and patience. Use your prior successes and wins to keep growing, learning, and moving in the right direction.


Ara sees that mindset is important when dealing with healthcare companies and stocks. When one invests wisely, they must obtain and possess the right mindset to materialize the right outcomes. The idea of seeing the end and working toward it is what separates the successful people from those who still try to get where they need to be in life. Prepare mentally for regulatory issues, for minor obstacles that might come your way in the healthcare sector, and you will do just fine. As you continue to practice and invest in healthcare, you will find what to look for and how to approach each situation, according to Ara. Find out more about Ara Chackerian: https://hitechchronicle.com/2018/02/ara-chackerian-explains-how-our-mental-health-state-may-largely-benefit-from-our-very-fingertips/

Giving A Bit Of Your Time

When any business prospers and experiences growth, many individuals realize that while they are doing well they must not forget their community in need. This can provide the perfect opportunity for giving to others. Philanthropic efforts are not just comprised of financial donations, but it is considering and organizing ways to actually help, using a business name to guide you just as Vijay Eswaran has done to tackle crucial world needs.

Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran has used his compassion and effortlessly handed his time and help to create organizations which provide a better world for those who face poverty and obstacles to education. Executive Chairman of the well-known QI Group (its headquarters are in Hong Kong), Eswaran formed the RHYTHM Foundation (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) whole missions have centered on educating youth with the information and skills that are required to have a role in the world. Projects also include those for the enhancement of health, ways to become aware of one’s own culture, and allowing disadvantaged children and women to learn and grow.

Born to a teacher and another who served the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, Eswaran studied and walked off with a degree in socio-economics from the London School of Economics that provided him with a foundation of comprehending the principles of economics. After this achievement he remained in Europe and worked various jobs. It was at this time that he learned about the binary system of marketing which takes many forms and often called multilevel marketing or MLM. This type of business usually requires an individual to purchase a product (or pay) to join its organization. Once this is done the new member is compensated for individuals that they refer the company or product to or anyone enlisted beneath you. This unique type of business encouraged Eswaran to learn more, so he acquired the credentials from CIMA and enrolled in Southern Illinois University to obtain an MBA. While in the U.S., Synaptics offered the new graduate a position in MLM which led to his creating his own MLM company called QI Group which is an e-commerce firm associated with the travel industry, new business insights in telecommunications and its involvement with changes in mobility, luxury products to boost self-esteem for well-being and more.

Philanthropic activities can take the various forms. Vijay Eswaran choose to organize the RYTHM Foundation to provide educational needs, created programs to direct young people as they journey to independence and other projects to ensure that children gain a connection to their cultural heritage. His upbringing and education enabled him with influence and leadership to succeed in the business world, yet he realizes the responsibility of giving back to the local community.

Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo – Choosing A Reliable Real Estate Professional

Zeco Auriemo is a reputable professional and he has a good understanding of the real estate industry.

When it comes to enlisting the services of a professional, it’s imperative to consider reputation and experience. In Brazil, many ambitious individuals turn to Zeco Auriemo for expert assistance with various issues related to real estate or property development.

Whether it’s receiving advice on an important issue or getting guidance on growing your business, Zeco Auriemo has the resources and industry expertise to deliver top-notch service.

Zeco Auriemo is CEO and Chairman of JHSF and he has been in the industry for many years. Zeco Auriemo has great expertise in property development and has worked with clients from all walks of life. He also has a great team and oversees a wide variety of real estate development projects at JHSF and is highly respected by his partners and clients.

JHSF focuses on property development in Brazil and has been in business for decades. The firm has an established history of developing and managing high-end commercial and residential properties and is recognized around the world.

Real estate development is a complex field and involves many different steps. Zeco Auriemo is good at working with people and his team aims to achieve a great outcome. He understands the importance of doing due diligence and research and he follows proven steps to ensure the desired result.

The team at a well-established property development firm is comprised of professionals from many different fields. Property development involves planning, researching, designing and financing the project.

During a development project, Zeco Auriemo takes appropriate steps to ensure that his team satisfies legal requirements and evaluate the risks and benefits of the transaction. He thoroughly examines potentials liens and zoning restrictions and gets his legal advisor involved in the process.

Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama Conquers Disasters

Many families are forced to face the perils of natural disaster in these uncertain times of changes in climate. Read this article at alivenewspaper.com

With that said, it’s always good to know that there are professionals that will help those people in need right away. GSH of Alabama also known as Green Structure Homes, which was founded by Barbara Stokes, is one of those entities that come to mind. GSH was founded in 2008 by Barbara Stokes in an effort to provide shelter for disaster victims while they rebuild their lives from disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

The portable homes provided have allowed these Americans the opportunity to keep their dignity intact while rebuilding their lives. In 2007, GSH came to the aid of thousands in Houston, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, GSH of Alabama with the leadership of Barbara Stokes will continue to be a reassuring and reliable force in this important niche for many years to come.

View: https://chronicleweek.com/2019/03/barbara-stokes-gsh-alabama-provide-local-charity-weighty-donation/