Meet Hussain Sajwani: The Real Estate Guru

DAMAC Properties is the most prominent conglomerate in the real estate business.The DAMAC Owner was among the first people to venture into the real estate business. He studied Industrial Engineering and Economics at the University of Washington. After school, he secured a job as a Contract Manager.

As a contract manager, he realized that every minute in the business world is vital. He also learned that he would gain more wealth by working for himself. He, therefore, decided to begin his own business and began his catering business. The catering venture is still a subsidiary of the DAMAC Properties. It acts as his reminder of his humble beginning. It has expanded and currently has more than 200 projects. It is serving more than 150000 meals every day in Middle East Africa and CIS.

DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002. There was population influx in Dubai as a result of the business persons in Emirates. He built small hotels at the beginning and used the profit to build prime hotels in the country. It was until 2002 that he realized that real estate was a niche that needed to be ventured and hence began DAMAC Properties.

The DAMAC Properties deals with both commercial and private properties. It has been marked as the most prominent firm in real estate business as a result of the satisfaction of their clients. The success and ranking of DAMAC can be attributed to the owner, Hussain Sajwani for his clear vision and the ability to see it happen.

Hussain Sajwani family and Donald Trump’s family are close friends. The families spend time together and regularly communicate. Besides the friendly relations, Hussain and Donald are business associates. They are currently focused on making Trumps International Golf club a success. Despite Donald assuming office, Hussain says their business relations have a bright future.

Hussain Sajwani is noble and gives back to the society. He currently made an AED two million contribution to a humanitarian group whose objective is to clothe needy children globally. His donation would help in dressing 50000 children.

Hussain Sajwani says that he believes in setting great challenges for himself to re-invent his limits. He also learns new skills regularly to enrich himself as an individual.


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New Talk Fusion University Expands Online Training Offerings

Expanding its range of training offerings, Talk Fusion announced the launching of its “Talk Fusion University.”


The web based education program increases training oppertunities for Talk Fusion Associates. Registered members of Talk Fusion will have access to the online videos featuring Bob Reina’s reproducible system and its income generating potential.


Former law enforcement officer of Hillsborough County, Florida, Bob Reina has more than 25 years of direct selling, network marketing experience. Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, passes on the wisdom of the four step system that he developed and used to create his own marketing successes.


A firm believer in the value of sharing his vision and building a successful team, Reina has acquired a sizable global following. Additionally, he is a regular contributor on MarTech Advisor, Huff Post and via Facebook Live.


Currently offering more than 30 training videos and a comprehensive volume of written materials, Bob Reina breaks down his business strategy in an easy to follow step by step instruction that allows others to benefit from Talk Fusion’s products and business opportunity offerings.


Differentiating his online University from the training programs of his competitors, Reina is mindful of the need to balance price with performance in creating a win/win opportunity for his business partners. Unlike other offerings in the marketplace that charge up to thousands of dollars for their training systems, Reina offers his instruction free of charge.


The unmistakable value of the online University offerings is enhanced by the system’s being built on more than 2 1/2 decades of business success. Whereas other systems promote opportunities that are new to the marketplace, Reina emphasizes that his system has already proven itself.



About Talk Fusion


Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion provides businesses with the means to stand out from their competitors. The marketing system delivers dynamic techniques that increases business engagement effectiveness and creates memorable impressions.


On a mission to help people around the globe reach their financial goals, Talk Fusion’s system provides the opportunity for motivated associates to go from being average to extraordinary.


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Jeremy Goldstein Explains the Vast Employer Benefits of Knockout Stocks

While most employers have chosen to withhold giving stocks in the company to employees working in the firm, this might not necessarily be a bad thing according to Jeremy Goldstein. As a founder and CEO of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, this expert on the topic has a significant amount of experience in dealing with payroll issues that often occur when shares are handed out to employees as part of their basic compensation package. He is also on the board of directors and compensation committees, which has led him to understand that there are better options for employers rather than giving company stocks as part of the salary package to employees.



According to Jeremy Goldstein, company shares when mandated as part of the base salary structure are not valued by employees, as they would instead prefer getting money as compared to what many may perceive as tokens given at casinos. These shares, when handed willy-nilly to employees, might not encourage them to work harder. However, employers can, in fact, turn the tides in their favor while ensuring that employees are kept happy as well.



Knock out options, are a type of stock choices, that benefit the employer in more ways than one. These shares are meant to be given as additional wages instead of mandated insurance, equity, and other bonuses. Knockout options when granted or bought at a particular value do not depreciate when the company is facing a loss. Instead, these time-restricted shares are entirely lost by employees if the company’s share value drops by approximately 50%. This, in turn, implies that employers do not have to compensate employees when they are not contributing to the betterment of the company. Knock out options also ensure that if employees contribute to the success of the business by working harder and smarter, then they can get maximum benefits.



Knock out options can encourage workers to be a part of the company’s success while dissuading them from slacking while work needs to be done. According to Jeremy Goldstein, knock out options do not necessarily omit all the hassles that arise from providing employees with company’s shares, but when given as a bonus, these stock choices can indeed reduce accounting hassles for both the firm and employees.



Jeremy Goldstein has acquired a J.D from the New York University School of Law and coupled with his immense experience in the finance sector; he has the needed expertise to provide realistic and practical solutions that can benefit not only employers but also staff members that toil to make companies great.


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Betsy DeVos and Her Life of Giving to the Society

She is among the influential women in America, transforming the lives of people. Betsy DeVos is an activist, businesswoman, politician and above all, she is a philanthropist. Impacting the lives of people has been a passion that has been in Betsy’s family line. In 1989, the family began a philanthropic foundation. Since the family is based o Christianity, much of their charity is towards their faith and conservative political ideologies. Apart from philanthropy, Betsy is interested in education. After President Donald Trump became president, he appointed Betsy as Secretary of education sector. A large amount of charity fund has been donated towards education causes. The aim of donating in the education field is to enhance education.


DeVos feels that education in America needs significant improvement. Some of the issues affecting schools are lack of adequate finances. For this reason contributions for the foundation are meant to reduce this gap. Both public and private schools should receive funds. Reforms are also essential in areas receiving low quality education. Apart from education, the foundation has also contributed to hospital, politicians, evangelical ministries, art organization and healthcare research among others. Michigan is where Betsy as born and grew up. All her educational years were done in the same state. She pursued a bachelor degree in Arts. All through her years, Betsy was committed to Christianity. It has contributed significantly to her compassionate personality of giving back to the community.


Betsy DeVos is a role model and good example to rising women in businesses and other careers. More women need to become investors and own more ventures. Betsy has become successful because of investing in promising opportunities. For example, Betsy and her husband have invested in Neurocare. It is a business offering treatment for mental and development problems. Such a venture will thrive, especially since it is technology-based. Betsy DeVos and her family have received recognition in the society. They set an example of giving back to the society and impacting lives positively. To them, life is not just acquiring wealth and enjoying it alone. Sharing with the society has become an essential culture in their family lineage.


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Fabletics Believes in Providing Quality Without Spending A Fortune

There are many athleisure brands in the market today, and the industry is expected to grow to nearly eighty billion in another decade or so. Considering the massive growth in the fashion industry, many new companies are surfacing to grab the part of the market share. However, one of the companies that were launched in 2013 has been able to leave a remarkable impact on the customers. It is none other than Fabletics that has even managed to challenge the athleisure products sale by Amazon, one of the leading e-commerce giants on the planet today. Currently, Fabletics has a sale of nearly $250 million annually, and the sales figures are expected to grow exponentially in the years to come.


Fabletics listens to what the customers have to say and integrates their feedback and reviews into their business practice and manufacturing process, which is what has helped the company to win the loyalty of its customers. The subscription-based business model of Fabletics has also helped the company to reinstate its leadership position in the athleisure business. The company currently has one million paying VIP members, which generates a considerable portion of the company’s business. The management of Fabletics, which includes the celebrity Kate Hudson in the capacity of co-owner, takes the reviews of the customers into account to carve their business model. It helps the end users to get what they are looking for without spending the fortune. Leveraging the power of customers’ reviews is essential to today’s date when the online revolution has increased the transparency in the operations of the businesses and bridged the gap between the companies and the customers.


Kate Hudson believes that these days Big Data plays a significant role in how the business and sales strategy of a company should be defined. She checks the sales data each week and takes into account all the critical parameters that need to be considered to improve sales, brand awareness, and implement corrective measures. As a company that started with the start-up mindset, Kate Hudson believes that it is essential for the company to take risks and experiment in a calculated manner to reach out to the customers in an unconventional way. Kate Hudson as well as her fellow co-owners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have a good insight of the business and know exactly what needs to be done to stay ahead of the competition. The management is not hesitant of taking risks and implement new forms of marketing and branding strategies from the start, which fortunately have worked in favor of the business so far.


The reason why Fabletics has been able to sustain even after facing numerous challenges initially is that of their quality-conscious attitude. The company’s President, Gregg Throgmartin, says that the management believes in delivery quality at a low price to its customers, and it has helped Fabletics grow at the pace it has over the last couple of years. Customers are also encouraged to take a unique Lifestyle Quiz at its website to understand how the company provides personalized shopping experience.

IDLife Changes Life For The Workout Crowd

IDLife has certainly become one of the better supplement product companies for runners, joggers, gym regulars and general health enthusiasts that is trying to improve upon their daily intake of vitamins. Everyone can benefit from the use of a supplement, and IDLife has proven that supplements do not have to taste horrible.

In fact, IDLife has become the company that has put together some very interesting combinations of shakes, energy chews, sleep strips and protein compounds that give people delectable products that they can take on their journey to better health. IDLife has definitely changed the way that people look at the products that are designed for supplementing their health and improving their workouts.

IDLife has been able to totally change the experience for anyone that may have had a bad experience with health supplements that did not taste very well. This is the thing that makes people excited about IDLife. This is a company that is providing a plethora of health care vitamins that are also going to be pleasing to the taste buds.

IDLife has grown in a tremendous way in a short amount of time, and a lot of this has to do with the web audience that has embraced these products. People are often referred by other customers, and this allows them to go into the site and make orders. The thing that people may like the most about IDLife is that they can order these vitamins along with skin care products from IDLife as well. This company sells entire skin care sets. It is this type of convenience that definitely makes it easier for people to embrace all that IDLife brings to the table. This company has been able to totally change things for anyone that is considering a better regiment for their daily workout routine. This company has transitioned in a powerful way because it connects people with the vitamins that they are going to need to replenish themselves. IDLife helps those people that have had that enormously strenuous day at the gym.

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Eric Lefkofsky and the Tempus Approach

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has made a career out of pooling data in order to help customers and clients reach the goals that they need. Lefkofsky cemented his legacy as a tech guru with his work co-founding the successful company, Groupon. Now, Lefkofsky is turning his attention toward something far more serious than your next meal: cancer research.

Eric Lefkofsky moved on from Groupon to put his full time attention into his next start up, Tempus. Tempus is a company that will fundamentally change the way patients and medical professionals interface with life saving information. No longer will patients have to be told, “We don’t know.” regarding the statistics of medical options that are available to them. Of course, Tempus won’t be a cure-all for anything but the data aggregate process, but it will be hyper important in that regard.

What Tempus will attempt to do, Lefkofsky explains, is change the way we interface with electronic medical records (EMR). EMRs are clunky and hard to access right now. With Tempus they will be funneled into an aggregated system where users on both ends of the spectrum, patient and professional, can access the information that they need. The goal is to give medical professionals more options when trying to assess the ever elusive threat that is cancer while simultaneously giving patients and family members the chance to be more informed when they leave the hospital. This will all be done by a custom made operating system developed by Lefkofsky and the rest of the team at Tempus and what Eric knows.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most innovative tech figures in the industry right now and he is putting that sway to use far beyond the commercial realm of entertainment, luxury, and lifestyle. Based out of Chicago, Eric Lefkofsky has already put millions of dollars into cancer research. His work with Tempus will seek to push us toward a world where cancer research actually leads to cancer results. The early focus for Tempus will be toward cancer of the breast, lung, and pancreas with expectations of more cancers being added in the future and read full article.

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Plan Your Trip To Tokyo With Kim Dao’s Tips

Are you thinking about visiting Tokyo in the future? If so, then you really need to check out Kim Dao’s latest vlog called “1 Week in TOKYO | Japan Trip Plan | Best way to plan your JAPAN trip.” Although Kim’s list isn’t exhaustive, you’ll be able to plan an awesome trip around the Japanese capital following her instructions.


First off, Kim Dao recommends you visit This website helps newbies plan awesome trips to some of Japan’s most popular cities including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Then, Kim Dao shows you how to plan your personalized trip in Tokyo using Odigo’s website.


Once you arrive in Tokyo, Kim Dao recommends visiting Shibuya. There are tons of places to shop in this section of the city, especially the huge mall Shibuya109.


After taking in the shops of Shibuya, Kim says you should take a metro ride to the Harajuku district to see Takeshita Dori.


Anyone into more mature clothing must visit Omotesando. This area of the city in Shibuya and Minato has tons of gorgeous clothing for the more discerning shopper. Learn more:


There are plenty of cool restaurants, anime shops, and even a Pokémon Center in these two famous sections of the city. Learn more:


For the rest of the week, Kim Dao suggests spending some time in Ueno and Asakusa to check out the ancient shrines and temples. Anime lovers will want to plan a whole day in Akihabara. Finally, Kim Dao suggests taking two day trips: one to Tokyo Disneyland and the other to Yokohama. Learn more: